Topics 1-4 involve the students and their participation for most of the time, information is given incidentally but could be expanded.

Below are some ½ HR talks, which can be extended according to level.

a Concentration and Meditation, the differences.

Talk, question and answer.

b Relaxation, different approaches.

Talk, demonstration of biofeedback.

c High places.

The role of mountains in spirituality and mysticism.

d Gurus, who or what they are.

Talk, question discussion.

e The mystic tradition.

From the Upanishads to early Christianity to present day. What is a mystical experience?

f The History of yoga.

At a level suitable to the group.

g Kriyas The classical approach.

Using the texts and showing kriya "equipment" Demonstration of Jala Neti if requested. Not for

the faint hearted.

h How to fast safely.

Talk, personal experience. Western and eastern approach.

i What is Samadhi?

Talk, discussion. Objective and subjective.