These courses are open to all experienced yoga people.

Normally all would be expected to have email and down load and printing facilities, to enable good communications with their Personal Tutor.

Course Fee for all courses is £40 per course payable to the Tutor

After selecting a course, and reading the Question and Answer Information page, you would contact the Tutor with your Personal Contact Form and then after hearing from them, and on acceptance, you would send payment.

More information is on the Question and Answer page.


Pam Horton. 6 Scotby Green, Steading, Scotby, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA4 8EH   Tel: 01228 513751

Pam is the BWY Distance Learning Tutor, designing the Foundation and past Diploma material and  advising on parity of material in DL in service / ongoing training courses. She has been attending Education committee meetings for many years, producing information and training courses for the BWY She is also a Diploma course verifier. She has a Cert Ed and 5 certificates from the National Coaching Foundation and runs a wide range of IST days. She has experience in the main yoga traditions and her main yoga influence was Swami Venkatesananda


Course 1 Refresh and Assess your Teaching (Only for Teachers)

 You will film yourself teaching your normal class.

Then watch the film and do a self assessment using the course material and CD. Your Tutor would add their observations. No pass or fail! Just a peer exchange of observations in order to have a refresher. Only for practicing teachers who would like a private view from another experienced teacher.

Course 2 Self Assessment in Tadasana.

You will send detailed photographs of yourself before, from three angles then re photograph after using the course material. The opportunity to have the time to align yourself and to get your own ‘eye’ in for observation. The CD offers two distinct methods, linked to the course material and the structure of the spine.

Course 3 number 09/905/906 Surya Namaskar for the less able.

There are two routines on the CD, one kneeling, one sitting, plus preparatory exercises and supporting course material. There are also your own ideas based on your experience to report. Suitable for someone wanting a less physical practice or a strong person wishing to think about  more adaptations for teaching.

Course 4 number  09/907/908 Mudras and Bandhas (1) Leading to Maha mudra.

Non stop practice from the CD.

Suitable for the physically adept to progress to maha mudra but with simple introductory teaching routines first, on how beginners may physically locate the muscle groups. Check lists on progress and comments.

Course 5 number 09/909/910 Floor based practice on Vatnyasana.

Non stop practice from the CD, with many variations, counter movements  and breathing ratios to progress through. Suitable for all physical levels, with teaching ideas for those who wish. Check lists on progress and comments. A metronome sound also supplied on the CD.

Course 6 Learning and Using Ujjayi

Learning a variety of uses and tips for success in your practice. CD and course material to practice with