Foundation Course Stage 2

The next stage, if you wish to proceed, will be Stage 2 – this includes a request from me for:

  1. A letter from you describing your experience of Yoga and why you feel you want to study in more depth  
  2. Some appraisal thoughts by you on the outline syllabus
  3. Plus a telephone contact with myself.

You will be sent

Confirmation of an offer of a place

Confirmation of your acceptance

Books List for the Course

Stage 3

  1. You will have the Offer of a place from me and you will have confirmed your place.
  2. Become a BWY member (if not already) Pay membership on line via the BWY web site) (Following the link for "Joining BWY")
    In case of any difficulty phone BWY Office.  Tel. 01529 306 851
  3. Order your books.
  4. Send me your BWY membership number by e-mail

Methods of Payment for the course to include the Office Registration.

£535.00 which includes the £60.00 Office Registration

a) Preferred method is by BACS contact me for details

b) If not possible, then by cheque to me, payable to P M Horton

The payment can only be accepted, when you have been offered and accepted a place and have become a BWY member, having previously sent me your membership number