Foundation Course Stage One


'The official syllabus relates to a face-to-face course, so as this is a distance course, some of the administrative elements will be different but the syllabus is the same.'

'Look at all the files and if you then wish to proceed, complete the student's details file and attach back to me, or ask me for the file and I will then contact you.'

Frequent Questions

Q How will the course be run?

A The course will be divided into 9 learning units.

Each will integrate all aspects of the syllabus. You learn cumulatively throughout the assignments.

Q Will I work on my own?

A Yes and no! There will normally be a group intake and you will have each other’s details so that you can make contact if you wish. You will all work broadly to the same time-scale. Obviously you and your tutor would be in touch.

Q How long will the course take?

A 9 months plus a break for holiday.

Each assignment to arrive monthly or bi-monthly.

Timings may be amended slightly to fit in with holiday periods.

In the event of any severe personal disruption, an assignment may be continued at a later date with the agreement of the Tutor.

Q How will we keep in touch?

A You will receive the whole Foundation Course, then keep in touch as follows:


Send your practice material

Telephoning; arrange with your tutor

E-mail (essential)

"Skype" phone contact is available for students with this facility
Photographic evidence of asana practice will be required


Returning your practice assignments with advice

Responding to phone or emails from you

Newsletter on Group progress

Contact with each other and through the BWY Central Office

Application Form

If you now wish to proceed:

Contact Pam Horton. For an initial application form to register your interest. Or download the application form using the link below.  

What do I do next?

Please send any information asked for, to me, to the address advised

This will give the information required in order to help us to make the right decision.

At this point, you will need to realise the amount of practice and study involved. Also, the criteria for beginning. It is hoped that this next stage will move the application further on.

Do not proceed with this last section above, until contacted after Stage 1 by your tutor.

Application Form in Word Format

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Foundation Course Stage Two

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