Sankrit for Yoga, Meditation for Yoga, Relaxation, Bhramari, Ujjayi, BWY Diploma Course material and many others.    

I also have full details of my Foundation Courses arranged on a Distance Learning basis. Here you will find details of Content, Regulations, Aims, together with a slide show presentation and an initial application form.



These pages are to access the following.

BWY Foundation Course information for yoga class members from any background

BWY Inservice information only for BWY teachers and affiliated groups

Free downloads for all on yoga topics

My local classes

Yoga cd's

Every Month I have a different Free Download, there is also a selection of downloads permanently available.

These are very useful simply for information or for use by teachers in their classes.

Distance Learning

BWY Distance Learning Foundation Course

Applications Open Now
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If you require a M S Power Point Reader for the Foundation Course presentation

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